Flying in a hot air balloon is a magnificent experience to try in Morocco. This is the perfect opportunity to admire the beauty of this country while sharing a moment of discovery and adventure with your loved ones. However, before embarking on this experience, you must surely have several questions. Today we are here to give you all the answers you are looking for so that your hot air balloon flight is exactly as you imagine it.

What is the average cost of a hot air balloon?

Well, it depends on several criteria: design, size, capacity, custom made or not… As a result, hot air balloons can be extremely expensive, with prices ranging from $ 40,000 up to $ 500,000.

Are hot air balloons dangerous?

No, it's the opposite! they are considered among the safest means of aviation. Even hot air balloon accidents are very rare according to the statistics. So, no reason to panic!

How does a hot air balloon fly?

The flight is based on a simple principle: the balance between hot and cold air. The combustion of propane heats the cold air which becomes lighter and therefore rises while lifting the hot air balloon basket into the air. While the cold air, which is denser and therefore heavier, allows the basket to come back down to the ground.

Can hot air balloons land anywhere?

Not really, although hot air balloons do not have a technical mechanism to operate or to determine a direction of flight. They just follow the wind. However, at the end of the flight, the pilot has to find a safe and suitable place for landing.

When is the best season for hot air balloon flights?

Hot air balloon flights take place throughout the year, but ideally during the summer season. The main thing is that the weather is stable, without strong wind, without raining and with better visibility. If the weather is not stable and there is a risk, the flight will be canceled for your safety.

Can we bring a camera in hot air ballooning?

Yes of course! How else are you going to take souvenir photos for your tour in the skies? A compact camera or just your smartphone can do the trick. Due to the lack of space, you will not be able to use a pro camera with tripod and equipment.

How many people can a hot air balloon basket hold?

Actually, it depends! However, a commercial hot air balloon that offers tours can carry up to 8 people. This including the pilot of course. This number is ideal for allowing a group of friends or family members to experience this adventure together.

Is there a minimum age for a first flight?

Somehow yes, although a specific age is not to be mentioned. Taking into account that adults are prohibited from carrying a child in their arms. Thus, the child only needs to be old enough to stand on his own and be able to see over the hot air balloon basket.

What is the correct dress for a hot air balloon ride?

There isn't really any specific indication, just be sure to dress comfortably. By the way, there won't be a big difference in temperature between flying in a hot air balloon and walking on foot. but take a warm cloth as the same, in case you feel a little cold.