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    Balloon Flight over Marrakech
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    Hot air balloon flight over Marrakech
    Hot Air Balloon Marrakech

Hot Air Balloon Marrakech : Cheap Private balloon flight Morocco

Looking for a hot air balloon Marrakech Morocco at the best price? You are at the right place. Morocco Ballooning offers a breathtaking hot air balloon flight ride over the Marrakech Desert & Berber villages!
No need to marvel at the magical photos of the hot air balloon flight you see. Because today, you will be able to create your own. Morocco is an extraordinary country. See it from a bird’s eye view is an incredible experience that you must have at least once in your life. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, Morocco Ballooning is at your disposal to offer you the best possible service. Optimal quality, affordable price, and years of expertise are all factors in providing you with a safe adventure full of great memories. Most? The possibility of organizing a private hot air balloon flight to celebrate an event, or simply enjoy this experience in total privacy.
With Morocco Ballooning, you will be far from forgetting this incredible adventure in the pearl of the south, Marrakech.


Basic hot air balloon flight

Basic hot air balloon flight

With hot air balloon Marrakech, live incredible moments of wonder and let yourself be carried away by this magnificent experience at a very affordable price from 99 €/ Pax.
With Morocco Ballooning, flying over the red city has a unique and very special taste.
Our team is at your service by picking you up from your location and heading to the destination. Enjoy a good glass of Moroccan tea to refresh yourself and get ready for adventure.
In addition, as we care about your safety, our team will provide you with a set of tips and guidelines to follow. Then, it is time to start your 40 minutes of admiring the incredible beauty that surrounds you.
Take in the majestic view of the high Atlas Mountains and the natural landscapes of Marrakech. Close your eyes, feel the fresh and clean air, take souvenir photos, and remember to enjoy every second. Because this hot air balloon flight is an adventure of a lifetime.

Safe hot air ballooning with us!

This is our priority for which we are working hard to assure you. For us, it is important that you enjoy your hot air balloon flight experience, but also that you are safe. This is why we are counting on the assistance of a competent and qualified pilot has years of experience.  As well as offering you a pre-flight briefing to teach you how to react in certain critical situations. The main thing is that you get the most out of your flight without the slightest inconvenience.

109 €/ Pax

Classic balloon flight Marrakech

Classic balloon flight Marrakech

When visiting Marrakech, you should definitely take the chance to fly over the red city. Going on a hot air balloon flight is your ultimate opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the Moroccan landscapes from a bird's eye view.

Today, Morocco Ballooning offers you this chance of our classic balloon flight Marrakech at a very affordable and cheap price only from 139 €/ Pax.
Your experience will last 60 minutes, where you will admire the magnificent sunrise beyond the high Atlas Mountains on the horizon. Also, we care about your hot air balloon Marrakech safety.

This is why we are counting on the efforts of our team, which brings together qualified and competent specialists in the field. With Morocco Ballooning, every moment of this wonderful adventure is a memory that you will keep in mind for a very long time!


This is one of the main criteria that we take into consideration. Our greatest motivation is to offer you a service that meets your requirements. That is why we take care of every little detail. Our goal is to do our best to understand your needs and meet them intelligently. To do this, we carefully choose the members of our team so that they are all able to present the best of themselves. All this in a professional and well-managed environment.

149 €/ Pax



After a long week of work, it is so much appreciated to escape to a new adventure. Thanks to Morocco Ballooning, you will be able to fully enjoy your weekend and have a great time at a very affordable price only from 261 €/ Pax

Morocco Ballooning has created a very special offer for you that will surely satisfy your need for fun and release. You will be able to admire the beauty of the red city "Marrakech" from the sky with a unique hot air balloon flight.

Moreover, that is just the beginning! Because after 4 hours of free time where you will discover the secrets and wonders of Marrakech, another adventure awaits you.

You will admire the majestic beauty of a sunset in the Agafay desert, followed by a good dinner and why not even a night party! After this relaxing night, it is time for your return but with a mind filled with beautiful memories about this hot air balloon Marrakech.

Live a unique Adventure:

Choose Morocco Ballooning to live a magnificent adventure. During your visit to the red city, reserve your place to try this experience and create so beautiful memories. It is a unique and special activity due to the excitement and the sensation of adrenaline that it can give you. You will easily be able to admire the city of Marrakech from the skies to contemplate its beauty and its wonders. It is an extraordinary adventure that you will never forget.

261 €/ Pax


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